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Xavier Casillas

  • Crossfit Level 1                               

  • Crossfit Mobility

  • Crossfit Gymnastics

  • USA Weightlifting L1


I started coaching crossfit for a lot of reason, for one reason, I always saw myself getting in to the fitness industry, even as a teen I was always doing  something active. Two, growing up I always had a feeling inside that I wanted to help people, but just didn’t know how. Being a doctor, or lawyer wasn’t the career path I dreamed about after getting out of high school. So crossfit became, for me, a outlet to give back to my community and help people who needed it and wanted it.


Growing up as a child, everyone gets asked what they want to be when they grow up, now I didn’t yell out I want to be a personal trainer, but like every kid, I said I wanted to be fireman, policeman, a professional sports player. Never the less me and almost every kid said that they wanted to be something that would help and contribute to there society. All I have ever wanted is to be a productive member of society, who would help improve the community around myself and through crossfit, I have been able to improve not only other peoples quality of life, but also my own.


Being a coach at crossfit 209 has been one of the most fulfilling jobs I have ever had. Being able to be a positive symbol, in a lot of peoples hectic and stressful lives, has given me a feeling of purpose and clarity. Clients come in each day, each week, each month,  and each year, and as time passes majority of these clients become friends and some become just like family. All and all this gym, has become much more then a just a fitness institution. Its became a place where people from all walks of life gather to work towards one common goal…. Making each other better…. One wod at a time…. One lift at a time. From professional athletes, to soccer moms and business women, to CEO of major companies, to someone’s 74 year old grandma. Every hour these gym doors our open, people are coming together no matter what background, what age, what skin color, what race, people are coming together to improve themselves and each others health and fitness, as well as there quality of life. And these is why I love to coach crossfit.

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