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Stacy Moffat


I am 46 year old mother (of three amazing kids... ages 22, 19 and 17), Esthetician and CrossFit lover and coach. While I do not have a degree in exercise science or dietetics, I am a lifetime experiment in health, wellness, “diets”, and every form of exercise known to man! In an effort to control my weight, feed my competitive drive, maintain emotional stability (while raising three active and demanding kids), and age gracefully, I have always pushed myself to stay as fit and healthy as possible through daily exercise and preparing the freshest and healthiest meals. I have a passion for helping others look, feel, and BE the absolute best they can be!

In 2009 on the cusp of turning 40, I found Gabe Subry and CrossFit and my life and thinking was forever changed. Until that day I had done it all.... running, aerobics, step aerobics, spin, weight-lifting, boot-camp, pilates, yoga, kick-boxing, and tried every fad diet ever possibly written! I felt fit but never really looked fit carrying extra body fat I just couldn’t lose no matter how many calories I counted or fat I avoided. Those first months of “soccer-mom” workouts slowly progressed into full-blown CrossFit WODs and I’ve never looked back! I instantly became addicted to the intensity and competitive nature of CrossFit and being a part of such a tight-knit and supportive community. I loved the people and the feeling of being part of a team... but it was the support, guidance, constant pushing, and belief in me that Gabe gave me that changed my thinking about what it is I am able to accomplish and just made me a better human being.


At age 46 I am fitter, leaner and stronger than I’ve ever been physically but more importantly mentally and emotionally.

I am VERY proud to be a coach at CrossFit 209 Sport. In Jan of 2013 Gabe personally asked me to join his team and it was a day I will never forget. His belief that I could help others as he had helped me was quite overwhelming. It is a role and responsibility I love and take very seriously and strive to do so daily by both actions and words and being an example to women just like me. I love teaching and encouraging others but the most rewarding part of being a CrossFit coach is sharing in others journey to be the best they can be!! 

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