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Experience what your body was built to do

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Crossfit is designed to improve and maximize your fitness.  Crossfit is defined as: Constantly varied, Functional movement, Performed at high intensity.  So what does that really mean?  We strategically vary the movements you"ll perform to maximize your results.  We use primarily functional movements which are natural movements engrained in our DNA.  Movements like squatting, pulling, pushing, jumping, running, etc... are things we as humans do everyday to move us through our lives.  We perform these movements at a high intensity.  Anything you hope to achieve from a fitness program will come from training with intensity such as: increased bone density, decreased body fat, increased muscle mass, jumping higher, running faster, looking better, feeling better and increased energry.  If we do not push the boundaries of what we are capable of, we are not demanding positive change from our body.  Intensity is 100% relative to the individual.  Intensity for our collegiate and professional atheletes looks very different from the intensity of our grandmothers and beginning members.  Nonetheless, everyone is being challenged at a level that will yield positive results. 

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Our CrossFit classes are designed to improve the function of every individual. You do not need any prior experience to participate in these classes. The classes are made up of people of all different ages and fitness levels from 12 years old to 80 years old, from advanced CrossFit athletes to beginners. The workouts will include flexibility training and endless combinations of Olympic weight-lifting, power lifting, gymnastics, and endurance activities. We scale the workout to each indivduals level to make sure the workout is within their threshold. CrossFit classes are the heart of the Crossfit 209 sport community. We all support each other and build over each other's successes and struggles. We are stronger as a unit!

Team Elevate

Take your game to that next level with CrossFit 209 Sports "Sports Specific" training. This training uses the foundational ideas of building fitness with CrossFit methods but is tailored to the athletes sport. This program will increase speed, agility, accuracy, hand-eye coordination, reaction time, power output, explosiveness and stamina. All levels of athletics will see drastic improvements on the field. Get the competitive edge on the competition. With classes for collegiate/professional athletes, high school/ middle school and even grade school levels, we will make every athlete better.


Thinking about competing in CrossFit?CrossFit 209 Sport is co-owned by 3-time CrossFit Games competitor, Gabe Subry, and has helped many athletes achieve the highest level of CrossFit competition. We will give you the specific programming you will need to compete against the best in the world!

Olympic Lifting 


209 BURN is a CrossFit style endurance biased workout. There are no barbells or heavy lifting. It's just 1 hour of high-intensity, high-calorie burning cardio style training! Taught by cardio maniac, Sara McRoberts, you'll be sure to get your sweat on!

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Start Today

Call today for a free trial.  It's the first step to your new fitness lifestyle.  Come in and let us show you what CrossFit is and how it can change your life.  We want you to be confident in your choice to train with us, a free workout is the best way to experience what CrossFit 209 Sport is all about!

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